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Our outsourcing solution allows business owners to spend more time focusing on their core competencies and making their business a big success. We offer our clients, peace of mind, assured that professionals are managing all their finances and compliance requirements.

Our services provide real value for money for owner-managed businesses as an alternative, or to complement in-house functions. We can provide a number of outsourced Business Services.


For small businesses, our bookkeeping services can be a practical, value for money solution. We provide book-keeping services in line with our client’s requirements, including data entry and bank reconciliations. No task is too ‘mundane’; all financial support services are completed efficiently and to a high standard. Our bookkeeping service includes a review of existing systems and constructive and creative advice.

Year round, you can expect detailed knowledge and experience of any accounting systems and excellent value for money.

Payroll/Wages Protection System (WPS)

Businesses with employees have legal obligations in terms of managing their payroll/WPS correctly. Staying up to date with constantly changing legal and tax requirements can be an onerous task and one which it pays to outsource to an accountancy firm who can take this, plus other more forward looking financial management tasks.

Kingsway offers clients a highly cost effective payroll/WPS service, that will help you to smoothly transition from any current service provider or existing systems, as well as offering technical support, as necessary.

Company Secretarial

We can provide a complete company secretarial service to businesses. We ensure our client’s company secretarial matters are fully compliant with company law, whatever the size and whether U.K. based businesses, or UK subsidiaries of overseas parent companies. We use a software platform, which simplifies documents submission online and adheres to deadlines.

Ours is a full, efficient company secretarial service, which is constantly updated in line with changes in company law and a cost effective solution.

VAT Returns

VAT is complex and compliance with the rules is a risk for businesses. Kingsway can undertake VAT reporting on your behalf, ensuring that your Returns are completed correctly, appropriate VAT is collected and paid and any enquiries are dealt with.

You can be reassured that your VAT compliance is being handled by experts, removing the hassle and stress associated with this element of your business. We can provide registration assistance; VAT claims and advice and VAT inspections and other enquiries management.

Management Accounting

For businesses to monitor and improve performance and to assist in future decision making, effective management accounting is vital. We can provide a management accounts preparation service for a wide variety of businesses and business purposes.

Our clients can rely on quality, detailed management information; reports tailored to businesses requirements and expert analysis and input on key performance indicators. You will consistently have your finger on the pulse of different elements or branches of your business with our business support services, freeing you up for better strategic planning.

Internal Audit

The role of the internal audit function is critical for the success of any risk management framework within an organization. The main obligation of internal auditors is to evaluate whether other risk systems and controls in place within the firm are operating effectively to manage and mitigate risks or not. Such an independent evaluation of the firm’s control functions will go a long way in enriching the systems and procedures that are followed.

We believe in establishing a solid business relationship with our clients based on transparency and continuous communication so as to enhance the quality of the internal audit functions that we perform. We encourage our clients to participate in every step of the audit programme, to arrive at comprehensive solutions that are an advantage to every firm that we work with.

Our internal audit specialists adopt a risk-based approach in evaluating the client’s operational effectiveness, financial systems and controls and compliance with laws and regulations. In addition to that, while preparing our audit plan and report, we also consider challenges and opportunities applicable to the organization. Our internal audit report also contains recommendations for the firm to implement, which are formulated keeping in mind the firm’s objectives and limitations.