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Accounting & Financial Services

Accounting and Financial Services


We offer a full accountancy service. We prepare corporate and business accounts, ensuring all filing obligations are met on schedule, as well as advising clients on opportunities to improve their business performance and tax position.

We ensure our clients fulfill legal obligations in an appropriately detailed and efficient manner. We help clients analyze their results and will pro-actively provide input regarding business performance and improving procedures.

Designing Books of Accounts

It is inevitable for a successful business to maintain books of accounts and other records in such formats that meet statutory and regulatory requirements.


Accurate bookkeeping is crucial for sustained and successful business. We can offer book-keeping services at your premises or off site.

Payroll/Wages Protection System (WPS)

Kingsway offers clients a highly cost effective payroll/WPS service, will help you to smoothly transition from any current service provider or existing systems, as well as offering technical support, as necessary. We have experienced and dedicated staff managing payroll/WPS of our clients.

Management Accounting

Effective management accounting is required for businesses to realistically understand their performance and assists profitable future decision-making. Our Business Services team has extensive experience of preparing management accounts for businesses across a range of industries.

In particular, clients can expect quality, detailed management information, expert analysis and reporting with key performance indicators, tailored to your businesses requirements.

Accounting & Financial Reporting

In preparation for your end of year accounts, we will provide an efficient and integrated approach in producing technically correct accounts, working with other colleagues and teams. Aside from helping you filing your end of year accounts in good time, identifying potential tax planning opportunities, plus recommendations for enhanced operational improvements will make your business leaner, longer lasting and more professionally fulfilling.