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Advisory Services

Advisory Services


Business Advisory Services

We offer our clients all the tailored advice and support they need to run their businesses and finances effectively. Our services are the equivalent of a Finance Director or Financial Controller role.

Our Business Services include complex forensic accountancy or tax planning advice, strategic recommendations, systems reviews, banking support and financial modelling.

Business Plans

Financial modelling and evolving business plans are essential for business throughout every stage of growth. Your business plan provides insight into your financial position and a framework for what is required to continue successfully developing. We will advise and give your company support in developing your bespoke business model.

Our team of highly skilled advisors tailor detailed and robust financial models to your business objectives for you to maintain longevity in business.

Virtual Finance Director

Kingsway provide a virtual FD service to meet the individual business requirements of our clients. We can give flexible virtual input as required making management of your finances more cost effective.

Banking Support

Businesses depend on good banking support and access to finance; we advise our clients on effective management of their banking relationships. We can help with introductions, business plan preparation, cash-flow projections and system reviews to support achieving smoother access to financial support when it counts.

Management Accounting

Thoroughly understanding your financial performance assists in sound decision making for the future. Our Business Services team will prepare and manage your company accounts. We work with businesses across a variety of sectors and business sizes from SMEs to multi-nationals, providing: quality, detailed management information, tailored reports and expert analysis and input on key performance indicators.

Marketing Research & Business Plan

We at Kingsway associate ourselves with the operation well before a business takes shape. Our involvement begins with the business idea, study of the idea and prepares a project report that helps in determining the feasibility of the business idea and recommends changes that are major as well as small corrections to make it work in the business environment.

  • Business plan & business projections
  • Industry assessment
  • Financial feasibility & financial projections
  • Market feasibility
  • Operational feasibility

Valuation & Financial Restructuring

We can provide clients with a valuation service to fit the requirements of your situation.

Valuation Services

Businesses often require assistance in relation to the value of their business for tax or purely commercial reasons. We can provide clients with a detailed valuation service to fit the requirements of your situation.

Our service can be linked to our wider corporate finance and transaction services where a valuation is often undertaken as part of a transaction process.

Funding Advice

Every business typically requires some form of financing, be it traditional bank lending, equity injection, crowd-funding, or otherwise. We have experience in assisting clients raise finance and can tailor our service to fit your specific situation.

We offer our expertise to provide optimal capital structure at least cost of capital to the organization. We facilitate to cater to the borrowing needs of the organization by leveraging our strong relationships with the banks and financial institutions.

  • Assessment of working capital Needs
  • Consultancy on bank credit & private equity
  • Project financing consultancy
  • Consultancy for fixed assets financing and refinancing
  • Planning for Reducing Finance Costs

Project Feasibility Report

Integral to a business’ growth and success is a project feasibility study and reporting. These involve assessing the workability of a proposed project. There are many challenges that need to be dealt with before a firm gives nod to a project. The most important one involves a basic cost-benefit ratio. Investing in the right project would raise shareholder value and yield a good return on investment.

We pride ourselves in having extensive and thorough market information. Our clients become the direct beneficiaries of this information and consequently invest in projects that have high success rates.

System Reviews & Training

We understand that business owners can be tied up in the day to day operations, leaving little time for effective and thorough financial and strategic review. Robust financial knowledge of the financial underpinnings to your business will add real value to your business. We work closely with you to review and where necessary implement improved systems together with support and training for you to maximize the benefits of sound systems reviews.